Family Explorer Time at the Museum Depot in Acton – NEW

We are opening the Museum’s Depot in Acton for family visitors during the Summer holidays: on Saturday 7, Sunday 8 and Wednesday 11 to Sunday 15 August. For the first time during a Depot opening, we are going to be reserving a booking slot that is only available for families with additional needs to book entrance for. This will be at 10 am on Saturday 14 August – the first slot of the day. We haven’t done this before, so it is a bit of a trial, but we hope this will make for a quiet and calm start, with a chance to get ahead exploring the Depot before the 10.30-time slot, which is available for anyone to book. We will send out a Visual Story of a visit to the Depot in advance and ensure that the Front of House team on-site are extra welcoming and prepared for your family’s needs and enjoyment. And I will be looking out for lots of feedback from attendees to shape any other future offers at the Depot for SEND families.

This Depot time slot will also be available to book on the Museum’s website at 10am on Friday 18th June. There is a cost for both children and adult tickets; carers do still visit for free.

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