What is Riverwood?

Created by Greenwich Mencap in 2000, The Riverwood Project is an innovative social enterprise and training scheme offering work experience and activities to adults with a learning disability, learning difficulty or autism in the Borough of Greenwich.

Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers deliver a unique programme which involves sharing vital skills and providing meaningful work that helps to bring value and meaning to the lives of our members. We’re also committed to helping the environment by lowering our carbon footprint, using recycled materials in our products and striving for ethically and ecologically sound practices.

We sell the products made by our members to help fund Riverwood and Greenwich Mencap. Please visit the Riverwood Shop to view our products and make an enquiry.

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What we do

The Riverwood Project is a truly innovative programme that enhances the lives of of our members through therapeutic work. We provide productive and meaningful daytime engagement for members at our workshop in Woolwich, London. Using recycled wood, our members create hand-made furniture and craft items which are sold to the public to help fund the project.

By teaching skills and promoting teamwork within a positive environment, we aim to help our members develop social skills, experience independence and feel a sense of value and purpose.

Who can use this service?

Riverwood places are open to anyone who meets the following criteria:

  • Adults aged 18 years or over
  • Living with a learning disability, learning difficulty or autism
  • On the Disability Register
  • Service users do not need to live within the Borough of Greenwich.

Due to the person-centered, individual nature of the care, services and support we offer, we are only able to accommodate 21 members on any given day. Please contact us to register your interest and find out if there are any spaces currently available.

Paying for this service

The majority of Riverwood's income comes from local authorities who purchase individual places and the balance from grants and the sale of products. It costs £56.60 per full day or £30 per half day to attend Riverwood. If you are on the Greenwich Disability Register (CLDT), you can be referred by your social worker. Alternatively, you can pay by self-funding or Direct Payments.

If you have any queries about funding a place, or would like more information about this service, a referral form or details of current days available, please contact us today.

About our team

Our staff and volunteers work with adults who face a range of challenges. We work with each member individually to identify how best they can benefit from the project. For many, Riverwood is a rare opportunity to participate in the world of work, while obtaining both physical and emotional benefits from the experiences we offer.

As well as woodwork, we provide a range of arts & crafts and social activities which build confidence and social skills.

Opening times

Members: Monday 9am-2pm, Tuesday to Friday 9am-3pm. Public: Monday to Friday 9am-3.30pm.

Our location

Our address is Unit 7 Woolwich Common Enterprise Centre, Peace Street, Woolwich, SE18 4HX


Transport is currently suspended, and should be arranged individually or via CLDT

How to apply for this service

If you, a family member or someone you care for could benefit from the unique opportunities offered by activities and services at Riverwood, please call us on 0208 305 2245 or email us at sc1@greenwichmencap.org.uk. Our staff will be able to discuss when a place may become available, adding you to our waiting list and arranging a tour, or answer any questions you may have.

We offer free taster days where you can receive a tour of our workshop, meet the staff and try some of our activities. To be eligible for the free taster day, please provide us with copy of your care assessment. If you are not being referred by the Borough, you can request a copy of this assessment from your social worker. Once you have obtained your care assessment, please contact us to arrange your taster day.

0208 305 2245

Or email sc1@greenwichmencap.org.uk

It was difficult to find somewhere that would understand my son’s complex needs and help him to feel he could fit in. The Riverwood staff have helped him grow in so many ways.

Karen McCarthy - Parent

The staff and atmosphere are so warm and welcoming, it gives you a great sense of belonging and I feel safe leaving my son there.

Yasmin Scott - Parent