Bezerkaz Circus for young people and adults

South London based Bezerkaz Circus offer renowned fun and integrational activities for young people and adults. We also have vast experience of working within the wide field of SEN and disabilities, so much so that we are considered specialists. We are currently offering exciting and well priced Covid Recovery  Sessions to help re-engage participants both in community activities and with their peers and staff members.
Our wide range of circus skills is an excellent way for users to unlock hidden talents, and either work alone while aiming to improve a skill or also working with others. A huge part of what we offer is sensory related – from brightly coloured juggling equipment to gigantic bubble making and LED Glow performances.
I am a PGCE FE qualified teacher with many years experience of in incorporating Circus Skills into other curriculum areas and have also taught drama to special education adult classes. We use Makaton and have an excellent understanding of communication approaches within SEND environments.
Circus Skills is wonderful as a one-off reward or end of term treat, or as a transition/ getting to know you session. Can also be used in a series of session during a term or spread across the year.
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