Bank account management for those with special needs

I would like to bring to your attention an exciting financial oversight and safeguarding service called Family Connect that is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

Family Connect will be of interest to those that want a bank account but may require a carer to provide financial oversight. It enables those with additional needs that are 16 years or older to operate a normal bank account independently, maybe for the first time.

Carers are given up to date information about the bank transactions of the person they care for without access to their bank account. Anomalies can be discussed with the person receiving care. Early signs of fraud or financial errors can be detected quickly by the carer, and assistance can be given with budgeting.

Through the government’s Open Banking initiative, all banks are automatically connected to the service, so you do not need to change banks or get a new payment card. We have authorisation from the FCA to provide the service. The service eliminates the need for password sharing, joint accounts, power of attorney and expensive pre-paid cards. The service in a big step towards inclusive banking.

The service has been built in the UK by an experienced team of developers that have had direct experience of providing financial care for someone with additional needs.

We have many really happy users that have benefited from the service – such as educating their young adults to manage a bank account, spotting bills that have not been paid, and discovering overcharging. Most importantly, we have managed to get more people to use a bank account safely. We know that those with additional needs are susceptible to financial losses and scams, we aim to counter this with Family Connect.

Here are some comments about Family Connect:

“We have had first-hand experience of how much this is needed”

“Great job, thrilled about the service”

“So worthwhile having seen the culmination of the hard work”

“Me and my daughter are thrilled, she can now use a normal bank account like her friends”

We hope that the service is useful and you find it of value. We are very pleased to support your community the best way we can. To use the service, the carer has to register here: and then invite the person that requires oversight to also join the service.

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