Support our 2.6 Challenge on Sunday 26 April or create your own!

The postponement of this weekend’s London Marathon, which starts in our neck of the woods, means many charities will struggle to plug the hole in donations left by this landmark event.

Starting on Sunday 26 April, we’ll be joining many other charities in our own “2.6 Challenge” instead.

Our staff, volunteers and members will be doing a range of activities at home, all of which relate to either 2.6 or 26. We encourage all supporters of Greenwich Mencap to do your bit this Sunday (and have some fun in the process!) to help us raise essential funds during this extremely difficult time for the adults with learning difficulties, the families and the carers that we support.

Some of the staff here at Greenwich Mencap will be doing their own 2.6 Challenge and we’ll be posting details plus video updates on our Facebook page.

I will be attempting a 2.6 minute plank, and I hope many of you will come up with your own way to fill the void left by such an amazing event, even if it’s just 2.6 laps of your garden! Any funds you raise for Greenwich Mencap will help to ensure the well being of our service users at a time when they need it most.

Why 2.6?

The number 26 is significant not just because of the date of the now-cancelled London Marathon, but also the number of miles they run. We wouldn’t expect anyone to run 26 miles or even km, but 2.6k might be more achievable!

How to do your own 2.6 Challenge

  • Choose a physical or mental challenge which uses the number 2.6 or 26 – or both!
  • Tell us what you’re doing and we’ll spread the news!
  • Send us your updates including videos, or share them on our Facebook page
  • Contact us once you’ve raised your money to discuss how to send funds to us. You can always create your own Virgin Giving page which will automatically forward the funds to us

Ideas for your own challenge

– Run or walk 2.6k round your garden
– Do 2.6k or 26k on the exercise bike or rowing machine
– Walk 26 miles in 2.6 days
– 26 Press-ups, 26 star jumps, 26 second planks
– Climb up and down your stairs 26 times

Donating to Greenwich Mencap

If you’d like to support our challenges or simply make a donation instead, please visit our Virgin Giving page or learn about other ways to donate on our Donation page.


I’d like to thank everyone for your continued support and I wish you all the best of luck this Sunday!


Terri Looker

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