Volunteers needed for a study for a research project

The Preschool Brain Imaging and Behaviour Project,

Kings College London are looking for volunteers, preschool aged children with Developmental Delay (3-4.5 years) and their parents/carers, to participate in this research project. 

Participation in the study includes:

  • Online questionnaires for parent to complete at home
  • Interviews with the parent/carer
  • Touchscreen games for children to play
  • Visit(s) to King’s College London for some interactive games, EEG and eye-tracking, and an MRI brain scan. 
If participants decide to take part in the study, they will receive a £50 gift voucher and a gift as compensation for their time and energy. 

If you have any questions, please email the research team at pip.brainexplorers@kcl.ac.uk and we will answer any queries you may have.  

You can also find out more about our research on our webpage here: http://www.aims-2-trials.eu/pip-kcl-2/

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